Market Charter


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The purpose of the Boyanup & Districts Farmer’s Market is to help producers, processors and local artisans to sell their goods direct to the public, near their source of origin, creating benefits to both the market participants and the local community.   

Producers must have grown, bred, caught, pickled, brewed, smoked or baked the goods themselves or constructed them from local raw materials.  Where there is a perceived need for specific produce not currently sold at the market, this product can be sourced from outside the local area, but must be sold at the market by the producer or an employee of the producer.  The selection of produce and goods available at the Farmers’ Market will vary with season.  

The Boyanup & Districts Farmer’s Market will:  

1. Provide a focus for, and act as facilitator in the promotion of producers of the Region resulting in growth, development and promotion of regional produce    

 2. Provide growers and artisans with the opportunity to network and develop their skills and, through direct contact with their customers, gain greater knowledge of customer requirements    

 3. Regularly provide a variety of local and quality fresh produce and selected cottage crafts of an affordable nature to the residents of and visitors to the Boyanup and Districts region    

 4. Provide an atmosphere that builds on our sense of community    

 5. Provide a variety of fresh produce grown within the region.    

 6. Provide an opportunity for the consumer to purchase directly from the producer   

 7. Provide a place where people can shop in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.    

 The primary aim of the market is to develop a friendly and social environment where consumers and producers are brought together. This Charter outlines the principles, rules and guidelines necessary for the Farmer’s Market to operate efficiently.   


Boyanup & Districts Region  

For the purposes of the Association the Boyanup & Districts Region is defined as the Shires of Capel, Dardanup, and Donnybrook-Balingup.  


Those producing, and/or manufacturing products directly from primary produce grown and or bred, inside the Boyanup & Districts Region.   


Cottage industry type craftspeople manufacturing goods using local raw materials from the Boyanup & Districts Region at the discretion of the MMG .  

Market Manager  

The person responsible for the monthly co-ordination of the market, as contracted by the Market Management Group.  

Market Management Group (MMG)  

Persons representing growers and other interested parties responsible for decisions regarding the overall management and operation of the markets.  


Those persons only whose names are on approved stall application forms and have paid all necessary fees to the Market Manager.  


Any products that appear badly marked, poor quality, over ripe, fruit fly infested, other pest infestations (presence of mealy bug, sooty mould etc), and as determined by the Market Manager.   


The Farmers’ Market's are held in the grounds of the Boyanup Memorial Park, on the corner of the South West Highway and Charlotte Street, Boyanup.  


The Farmers’ Markets will be held on the fourth Sunday of each month except December which will be the 3rd Sunday of the month or as determined by the MMG.  


1. The market will operate on Sunday mornings from 8am until 12 noon    

 2. Stallholders must not begin trading until the Market Manager has signalled that the market is open for the day (by way of the ringing of a bell)    

3. Stallholders must be ready and set up by 8am to commence trading immediately after the bell has rung, and stay until 12 noon – even if completely sold out. 

Stallholders must not pack up their stall, but instead display a sign to indicate that they have sold out.  


Interested producers wishing to sell produce must provide a completed market application form to the Market Manager and pay the appropriate stall fees.   

The Market Manager on behalf of the Market Management Group has the authority to reject applications that do not comply with stated conditions.  

Once approval is given, the permit to trade applies for the duration of the season. If the number of applications exceeds the available stalls, or there are too many applications to sell the same type of produce, the Market Manager will give priority access to:    

 1. Seasonal members of the Association    

 2. Registered members of the Association    

 3. Producers/manufacturers from within the Boyanup & Districts Region    

 4. Producers who have the earliest registration date.    

 5. Stall holders who have traded previously in the Boyanup & Districts Farmer’s Market    

 6. Certified Organic Producers    

  Members of the Market Management Group will also be offered priority access to the trade at the market regardless of the above criteria, in acknowledgement of the voluntary work done on behalf of all potential stallholders.  A waiting list will be developed and maintained if necessary.  A ratio of 1/10 will be maintained to ensure there is not an oversupply of any one product.     


  The Market Manager will work to ensure that a broad range of produce is available, and that the market is not dominated by one particular type and/or variety of product. The Boyanup & Districts Farmer’s Market reflects the rural lifestyle of this area, and the Committee welcomes stalls that have produce and crafts that also reflect this lifestyle. The variety and quantity of fresh produce at each market must exceed the quantity of processed/manufactured/value-added products offered for sale. The decision of the Market Manager in all matters relating to the running of the market shall, on the day, be final and the management Committee reserves the right to refuse any products that are not in keeping with the farm/rural theme of these markets.  Appeals may be made to the Market Management Group, in writing.      

  STALL FEES      

  Stallholders will be required to pay the appropriate fee to the Market Manager prior to or at commencement of trade.  Payment shall be made by way of cash or cheque made payable to the Boyanup & Districts Farmer’s Market Association. The appropriate stallholder fees shall be set by the Market Management Group on an annual basis, and will reflect the cost of running and promoting the market.  From October 2005, the appropriate fees per market are: • $240 per season (12 markets) (seasonal members) • $25 per stall (non-members)  


All products sold must be produced, caught, grown or raised in the Boyanup & Districts Region or manufactured by the stallholder primarily from produce grown in the Boyanup & Districts Region.  The Market Manager may request proof of authenticity of the produce grown and if necessary visit the grower’s property.  

Where the required primary produce for manufacturing is unavailable from within the Boyanup & Districts Region, primary produce grown or bred outside the Region will be accepted as input into the value adding process inside the Boyanup & Districts boundaries.  

Products from the surrounding region may be accepted where such products are not available locally, and it adds variety to the market.  The inclusion of stallholders selling such products will be at the discretion of the Market Manager.      

 • The produce must have been reared or grown or manufactured by the producer/business named on the application form and have spent at least 50% of its life on the producers land

• This market does not permit the purchasing/re-packaging/selling on of finished or imported goods. • Value-added products will not exceed 50% of all produce available for sale at any one market.

 • The stallholder may sell only products listed on their approved application form.  


Only the producer, his/her family, or employees directly involved in production will be permitted to sell the produce.  Non-producing retailers are not permitted to sell at the market.  


Stallholders will make a commitment to sell, at least one week in advance of each market.  

Only those stall holders who pre-pay at least one week in advance will have a confirmed site for that market.  Those who arrive without pre-paying will only be allowed to sell if space is available and other requirements met.  

If unforeseen circumstances occur such that the stallholder is not able to attend the next committed market, the stallholder must provide a minimum of 3 days notice (i.e. on or before the Wednesday of the week of the market) to the Market Manager.  A credit of the pre-paid fee will then be provided to the stallholder.  Failure to notify the Market Manager with sufficient notice will result in forfeiture of the stall fee paid.  

Stallholders must be in attendance between the advertised times of 8.00am to 12.00 noon.  

Stallholders are expected to be neat, suitably dressed, and to deal with the public in a courteous manner.  Stalls and display equipment must be clean and tidy.  


The Market Manager shall regularly promote the market to consumers and the trade.  


Stallholders must guarantee against selling unmarketable produce, as defined earlier, and determined by the Market Manager.  

Stallholders in breach of the charter will be required to withdraw produce.  


Selling direct competition, for example - price under-cutting of other stallholders, is not in keeping with the spirit of the market.  

The Market recognises that the consumers maintain the right of choice, whilst enabling each stallholder to determine their own price.  

Stallholders should ensure their measuring scales are accurately calibrated, as per standard trading regulations  


All stallholders will be expected to comply with the minimum requirements of current trading standards regulations regarding labelling and descriptions of goods.  

All organic produce must be certified by the relevant accrediting body (e.g. NASAA, BDF) and be labelled ‘certified organic’.  Evidence of accreditation must be provided to the Market Manager, prior to certified organic products being advertised and offered for sale.  

All prices (per kilo, per item) must be clearly visible.  

Each stallholder must display a sign showing their name and farm address every day they attend the market.  

Stallholders must confine displays and signs to the stall site and keep pathways clear for shoppers.  


Smoking by stallholders is not permitted.  

Dogs are only permitted within the market areas if appropriately restrained on a leash.     All food stallholders must trade in accordance with the Health Department of Western Australia’s food-handling regulations, and other relevant local health laws (e.g. value-added products such as baked and cooked items shall be prepared in an “approved” kitchen)  

The Shire of Capel Principal Environmental Health Officer may request to visit kitchen premises where products are manufactured.  

Stallholders must acknowledge that they have read and understood the guidelines provided regarding ‘health and safety in the marketplace’, by signing the accompanying acknowledgement form as supplied by the Shire of Capel.  


It is the responsibility of stallholders to carry their own with public liability and product insurance and must present a certificate of currency when booking  


Stall Holders participate in the Boyanup & Districts Farmer’s Market at their own risk and are required to indemnify and hold harmless the Boyanup & District Farmer’s Market against any claim for damages, costs, claims, expenses and liabilities, (including without limitations consequential loss and loss of profit) in respect of any loss, damage, injury, disease or death caused through any of the Stall Holders activities at the Boyanup & Districts Farmer’s Market.  


All stallholders must ensure that their stall site and the area that surrounds it is left in a clean and tidy state once the market closes each day.  Failure of this requirement may result in the permit to trade being revoked.  

Stallholders must remove all of their rubbish and packaging from the site.  

The Market Manager will ensure that rubbish bins are provided for consumers.      


Musicians, entertainers and/or buskers will be permitted to perform at the Farmer’s Market or in the vicinity of the Boyanup Memorial Park on market days only by prior arrangement with the Market Management Group.  


Fund raising activities at the Market will be restricted to those organised by the BDFMA for the purpose of funding the operation of the market.  Community groups may apply to the Market Management Committee to run fund raising activities that do not compromise any of the Market Management group’s fundraising efforts, nor any of the stallholder’s enterprises.